The Lust Ed x Sex School: An explicit guide to period sex with Sadie Lune

In the third instalment of The Lust Ed x Sex School collaboration, sex educator Sadie Lune schools us on period sex. Unless you don’t enjoy having sex on your period, there’s really no reason to avoid sexual activity during your bleeding phase. Even though it can be a bit messy, if you use the right protection it’s safe and above all it can be very pleasurable for everyone involved. Plus, if the bleeder climaxes, having sex can even offer relief from painful menstrual cramps. 

From de-stigmatising period sex and practical tips on how to do it, to an explicit demonstration with Lina Bembe, Sadie Lune shows us that having sex during your period can be a really hot and intimate experience. So whether you bleed or not, join us in celebrating period sex. 

About Sadie Lune:
Artist, sex worker, parent and one of the most beloved figures in Berlin’s sex-positive community, Sadie has worked for over 20 years with topics such as intimacy, gender, sexuality, sex work, queer love, BDSM, fertility, radical parenting, polyamory and so on. Sadie is often invited to facilitate workshops, public speaking and coaching sessions about sexuality, BDSM and sex workers rights, where her powerful presence stems from a place of compassion, humor and inclusion.

About Lina Bembe: 

Hailing from Mexico, Lina’s experience in porn extends from mainstream to queer post- porn narratives. More recently, Lina directed her very first film called ‘Ritual Waves’ which will debut in October 2019. When she’s not shooting or managing Sex School’s social media and communications, Lina can be found talking about feminism, sexuality and porn either in panels or social media.