Welcome, future Affiliates!

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Please find below everything you need to know about how to earn money with Sex School. If you have further questions contact us via

What is Sex School?

Sex School is an educational platform for everything related to sex. Our members get access to the knowledge and experience of our diverse community of Sex Workers, Therapists & Coaches to enrich their sex life. They learn the social, cultural, health and technical aspects about sex in a fresh and approachable way.

We enact real life situations in films with high production values and address everything from consent, kissing, communication, BDSM and everything in-between.

For more details visit our About page or check recent Media articles.


How does it work?

1. Sign up for free on this link

2. Choose the banner design that fits your website the best if you want.

3. Show the banner  or Link on your website – the more visible it is, the more customers will see it.

4. All done – if one of your visitors clicks the banner and makes a purchase on Sex School you’ll see the earned commission in your account.




How much commission will you get?

Sex School offers you 50% commission (after  3,5% credit card processing fee) for every user that came from your website!

Cookie Duration

The Cookie Duration is 90 days. This means if a user uses your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you will receive a commission.

Who do we work with?

Websites from different areas can become affiliates. You can have an ethical porn website, you are a sex coach, a Yoga blog or something else. If your goal is to help people we will work with your website!

Do you need to be an experienced web designer?

No – You can easily add our pre-designed banners and upload them to your website. Just copy the banner code (from the affiliate control panel) and paste it into the publishing space on your page.

How can we track the traffic generated from your webpage?

Each affiliate is assigned a unique ID for banners or codes they use. This way our system recognizes the origins of every user coming from each affiliate page, including the registration date.

How much do I pay to become a Sex School affiliate?

Nothing. The affiliate setup is completely free and there are no transaction fees on your commissions.