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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Sex School?

    We are a diverse team of filmmakers, sex educators, producers, cultural managers, performers and sex workers who are tired of the overall lack of adequate sex education. We decided to gather our skills and experience to offer shame-free, inclusive Sex Education from a fun, unique perspective!

    Our certified sex educators guarantee the accuracy of our advice. Our Production & Filmmaking team work hard to put everything together in eye-catching films. The Team of sex workers and performers contribute with their experience to the content planning process and offer realistic performances of the topics we address.
  • What are your films about?

    For each episode we focus on a specific topic, such as threesomes, hook-ups, consent or sexualities. We offer short, non-explicit clips, where we unpack basic elements. We also have longer, sexually explicit films that start with an introduction and discussion of the topic, and then move to a realistic sex scene that guides you through the ‘full picture’, including:

    - Communication - To express our desires and needs in clear & concise ways
    - Consent - To set and respect clear boundaries for ourselves and our partners
    - Sexual health - To take care of our bodies and incorporate safer sex practices to our habits
    - Identity - To unpack the different layers of everyone’s sexual identities, accept and respect diversity.
    And most definitely...
    - Sexy 'how to' moves - Doable, pleasurable, realistic about timing. Finally!
  • Who is Sex School for?

    Sex School is suitable for adult audiences who want to expand their knowledge about sex and sexuality. From a simple question about barrier protection, to complex issues such as healthy relationship patterns. We have noticed that many people don’t have honest, unbiased conversations about sex because of taboo. We want you to count on Sex School as a shame-free platform of sexual knowledge, based on real life sexual dynamics.
  • Is Sex School for hetero or LGBTQ audiences?

    Sex School is for everyone who wants to be well informed about sex. We strongly believe that diverse and inclusive sex education is important and beneficial for everyone, regardless of how people identify individually.

    Our team is conformed by people with a wide range of sex and relationship experiences, from cis heterosexual to the LGBTQ spectrum. We hope to serve as a bridge for mutual understanding of topics that might be of difficult access or tough to relate to. Likewise, we are a safe source for those who are figuring out the natural complexity of their sexual identities and preferences.
  • What makes Sex School different from other Sex Ed platforms?

    It’s all about our approach. In our films we don’t just stand in front of the camera reciting complicated guidelines. We prefer a relatable, down to earth, fun, sexy approach to how we deliver our content, without compromising their educational value. On top of that, our films look beautiful! We invest in high production standards; our films are carefully planned and executed by a team of professional filmmakers, crew, performers and certified sex coaches, which takes us to the next question…
  • Why are some films sexually explicit? How they differ from porn?

    We think it’s very important to offer sexually explicit films because it’s in the ‘heat of the moment’ when pressure, insecurities, or difficult emotions are tougher to navigate. It's a common thing to feel too shy to ask for what we want, too horny to listen our partner's needs, too insecure to express any awkward feelings, or even too pressured to fuck like our favorite porn star does! Thus, a sexually explicit, realistic depiction brings the message across in more relatable ways, focused on the most vulnerable aspects of a sexual encounter.
    Although our films feature sexual situations between consenting adults they aren’t pornographic. Whereas a lot of porn is about fantasies and designed for entertainment, our films are about education, and sex the way it happens in real life. Our mission is to show you how to do hot stuff that's realistic in safe and consensual ways while helping you sort the more difficult, not so sexy bits at the trickiest moments.
  • What are the benefits of watching your films?

    First of all, we think it’s mind-blowing how sex education hardly ever shows actual sexual situations. We miss so much because of taboo! Our sexually explicit films have the ability of showing you the things that work best, in their most realistic dimensions. We normalize what real life sex can be about without leaving anything to the imagination, we give you applicable tips for safety and communication. Added to the discussions we offer, we couldn’t think of a more comprehensive approach to any sex education topic.
  • Why do you have a porn section?

    Quite frankly, because we are tired of the stigma around pornography. We think that watching porn can be a healthy sexual habit for people who enjoy it. Porn expands our sexual imagery, keeps our bodies and imaginations stimulated. However, we know there’s plenty of low quality, cookie-cutter porn out there, with the same-old stories that are boring or downright denigrating to certain groups of people.
    For these reasons we want to offer independent porn films we think are worth watching, that offer hot, diverse, sex-positive stories and depictions of pleasure. As part of our commitment to porn literacy, we also offer an analysis of each film, highlighting what can you potentially learn from it, whether it is tricks of the trade, safety measures or even the normalization of ‘taboo’ sex practices.
  • I have specific Sex Ed questions, can you help me?

    Absolutely! We want to create content based on our audience’s real life concerns. In the Questions Section you can submit your questions about sex, sexuality and relationships. We will consider them and turn them into episodes!
  • I have technical problems and concerns about my privacy?

    You can get in touch at info@sexschoolhub.com where we’ll be happy to clarify all your questions
  • There’s a problem with my payment, help!

    Send us an email to info@sexschoolhub.com and we’ll get back to you as promptly as possible.