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How to revolutionize sex education in schools.

Thinking back to sex ed classes in school, many people immediately feel a sense of embarrassment and discomfort as they hear the echoes of sentiments like “don’t get pregnant” and “use condoms” – but not much more. As most sex educators know, there is of course much more to sex education than the aspect of pregnancy prevention. However, many materials available for schools, limit teachers to these, mainly biological, aspects – omitting important topics like emotions, boundaries, values, self-determination, pleasure, relationships, sexual diversity and many more.

That is about to change: A new app for sexual education, KNOWBODY, brings up-to-date and comprehensive material and learning units in schools so that young people can learn how to deal with their bodies and their sexuality in a self-confident and informed manner.

The app offers diverse learning units from grade 6 onwards on topics such as relationships, gender and sexuality. They combine different media types and formats such as videos, games, voice messages or 3-D animations, which young people know and use anyway. In this way, a variety of learning types are addressed in a differentiated way. The learning units also fit the curriculum and exactly into a school lesson. This way, teachers are supported in teaching sex education across all subjects.

The learning units are composed by an interdisciplinary team of teachers, sex educators, designers, medical students and psychologist, with the goal of providing content, that enables students to make self-determined and informed decisions about all aspects of their sexuality. With our focus on queer and gender studies, we want to challenge students to question the norms that shape the way we experience our bodies, relationships and sexuality and make the diversity that actually shapes all of these aspects visible.

The app is currently being revised with the feedback given during an extensive pilot phase at schools all over Germany. Their current campaign is aimed at school authorities, schools, teachers, parents and all those interested in education who see potential for improvement in the sexual education of young people. They can support the further development of the app by pre-ordering it and also receive further sexual education materials.

by Knowbody