Worlds of Desire 02 Sexuality by Hanna Schaich

This film holds an important message under playful scenes, the right to physical integrity and self-determination. Public opinion holds an enormous pressure for the sexuality of individuals to be sexy, especially queer people who are often viewed through a lens of entertainment.
Join a group of people from different experiences and backgrounds for an erotic picnic. Follow the table as everyone shares a piece of themselves, discussing what even is normal?

Suddenly the German sausage arrives. In a playful twist of events, everyone shifts from a serious moment to a playful and sensual series of events. Using the sausage in all kinds of sex acts and gestures to reference “ist mir Wurst” a phrase meaning “I don’t care”. That shift in attitude carries deep erotic power as the film progresses and heightens with sounds, moans and fluids.

This film is for anyone wanting to gain some perspective from the stars while also engage with themselves on a mental and physical level. World of Desire is not something you can watch just once, it’s a film that will show you a new side each and every time you watch.