Kitchen Confidential by JoyBear

This film by Joybear features Nina Sever and Romeo, two stars in a sensual plot about a secret sex society. The society, otherwise known as “The Game”, “Gives you a chance to live out your fantasies’”, and who would not want that?
Gideon, (Romeo) is filled with nostalgia over his times spent in the sex society, he thought it was all over, until he arrived home to find a single red paper on his door reading, “STRIP”. You can see the excitement and wonder in Gideons eyes as he enters his home and begins to do just that. As Gideon moves through the house, he finds further instructions on exactly how to play. Gideon finds himself on his knees at the feet of Suz (Nina Sever) beginning to attend to every bit of her body. Together they find the joys and pleasure in slowing down and truly savoring the pleasure of the moment.
This film is a must watch for lovers of mutual oral sex, Kitchen Confidential highlights the joys of taking things slow. This film also highlights at home play, you do not always need expensive products and toys, Kitchen Confidential proves you just need some whip cream and a sweet tooth. I must watch and a great reminder to reignite your playful side and live out your fantasies.