Internal Energy by Aorta

Internal Energy is an Aorta Film starring Erykah Ohms + Shay Knox. Erykah and Shay bridge the gap between pleasure and pain in this intense erotic film. Erykah Ohms stands naked before Shay Knox, blindfolded with anticipation. The viewer gains an interesting role, acting as a witness to Shay’s intensions and Erykah’s reactions. Internal Energy builds with slow teasing before coming in with the “harder” action. Watch the intense sensations and experiences Erykah experiences and listen for how she transfers that pain into powerful vocalizations and screams.

This film is for anyone looking to watch again and again with new discovery. Try watching first then only listening the second time, you will be immersed in this world and on the edge of your seat waiting for your next reward. This film also demonstrates different household props one can use to heighten a BDSM experience. Internal Energy will remind any viewer of their power to give or to receive.


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