Fisherman by Nicky Miller

Nicky Miller’s Fisherman, starring JorgeTheObscene and Sultan of Filth, is an erotic short film that carries “queer undertones of Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse”. Fisherman opens on a gorgeous body of water, as you watch JogeTheObscene resting on a branch while fishing. Seemingly unaware and at peace until the gaze of the Fisherman was drawn elsewhere. Suddenly the water reveals a surprise, luring JorgeTheObscene to what has emerged from its depths. The water dances and calls uniting these two bodies in acts of passion and discovery. Captivating the audience and JorgeTheObscene, in a manner that may resemble prey. Discover what lurks beneath the waters, Fisherman will be sure to bewitch you and take you on an erotic journey like no other.

This film is a great example of the unification of thrills, erotica and art, Fisherman is for anyone seeking adventure and mystic while escaping the realities of the world. Join the fantasy, watch to discover what is calling beneath the cool waters.


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