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Electrify Me by Zure Room

An ultra hot hook-up film by Poppy Sanchez, unapologetically centered on femmes taking space on public environments. The performers Proxy Paige and Dusty Sunshine, -besides being experienced performers and porn makers- have closely collaborated with Poppy on many different occasions, an element which is reflected on the ease and chemistry with which the film flows and evolves until the end. A long film that nonetheless shows a more realistic flow of a hot date where you ‘warm up’ with hot making out and keep building up for hotter and hotter sex.

Shooting sensual or sexual scenes in public spaces is quite a difficult thing to do and requires plenty of preparation and trust to get good shots and feel at ease with performing actions that could be more intimidating to perform under regular circumstances. This film really succeeds in showing these public displays of affection with such a natural, effortless flow.