Aquaphilia by AltShift

Aquaphilia, is an altSHIFT film starring Jane Jones and Sylvan. This film is for anyone seeking to dive deep into pleasure. The film often flashes between two people, as their pleasure in waters differs, as the film progresses you begin to see Jane Jones and Sylvan unite in pleasure. The scene begins with the water dripping from the faucet while Jane Jones looks deep into the viewers eyes, the craving for satisfaction is clear as you continue to watch. Soon the camera pans down to Janes hips, where it is reveled Jane, herself is dripping wet. Her wetness travels down her body before Jane gives in and draws herself a bath. Underneath the water of the bath, Jane masturbates, gentle at first then with more vigor and desire for orgasm. The water reacting and assisting in Janes pleasure. At this very moment Sylvan is swimming laps in the pool, before sensing he is needed elsewhere and coming inside to satisfy Jane with his cock. The two explore the pleasures of each other with the enhancement of a showerhead. Before moving to the bedroom where lube replaces the shower water.
This film is for anyone who loves hot shower sex, and underwater play. As well, Sylvan and Jane Jones leave space to enjoy sex in multiple locations, positions and ways. Both take turn and pleasure in giving to the other. Its great for someone looking to explore switching up their role in their own pleasure or a partners. Aquaphilia will surly inspire you to stay in the shower a bit longer.


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