Alla Prima by

We love how this pornographic fantasy speaks on so many levels about real life. First of all, the value of sensuality, of the perks of taking your time to explore your and your sex partner(s) bodies, allowing to enter into a specific mood, mutual awareness and connection with each other before moving further. In real life, dynamics like these can also help build trust, allow for intimacy and provide enough time for communication (whether verbal or non-verbal). In many ways, the aesthetic and narrative choices of starting with black and white colors, to evolve into more and more color serve as a great metaphor for all these elements.

Similarly, this film is a lot about playfulness. About setting an intention of delving into sexual exploration, but without concrete expectations about how the process should evolve, and instead just flowing into a pleasurable journey and getting creative along the way!

If you ever feel tempted to explore a similar dynamic in real life, please bear in mind that paint, food, etc, could be harmful if used for penetrative sexual play. Before playing with elements of these kind, always inform yourself and use only body safe materials for penetration.

Don’t foget to watch our episode on Pleasure Mapping for tips on how to build sensual dynamics to stimulate intimacy and clear communication!


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