Sex school

Parker Marx Porn Performer & Fetish Expert

Parker (He/Him) has forged a solid reputation among renowned alternative and feminist filmmakers. His extensive personal experience in BDSM eventually led him to work as an expert in Berlin, where he has developed a unique style he defines as “nurturing, with an edge of playful sadism”. Professional, detail oriented and dependable, we can’t imagine Sex School without him.


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  • Hi there, awesome people. There is no actual question from me. I just want to express my deep deep gratitude to Parker Marx for reviving my sexuality. I thought I’d lost my sex drive forever, that I’m too old (30 y/o haha) But recently I stumbled upon his movies and OMG! I masturbated all day long like never before. There is something incredibly hot in his nature and he turned out to be a wonderful person as well, doing all these important things here. So, once again: “Thank you so much, Parker, you brought sex back to my life!”