Foto: Natália Zajačiková

Max Kutschenreuter Manager on Set & Line Producer

Max (He/Him) A passionate filmmaker & storyteller whose work deals mostly with queerness, gender issues/roles and coming of age stories both in a documentary and a fictional treatment.
Within Sex School, Max harmoniously fulfills the role of Assistant Director. Besides having over 8 years experience as sex educator for the COC (national LGBTQ+ rights movement) in the Netherlands, Poppy and Max have a long standing history of friendship and professional collaboration, so he's basically Poppy's second pair of eyes and ears on set. Always attentive and super on point with his observations regarding acting, writing, set design, lighting etc., Max presence on set is that of a focused and patient problem solver. We love him!.
Keep a close eye on Max's projects! Follow her drag queen android jukebox performances as Maxima Foxxxy and his currently in-the-making documentary on masculinity in the gay scene called 'Be a Man'


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