Photo: Natália Zajačiková

Brian Gibney Surrogate Partner & intimacy Coach

Former scientist and circus performer, Brian (he/him) is a surrogate partner, intimacy coach, and overall sex geek in Virginia, USA. Brian was trained as a surrogate partner by the International Professional Surrogates Association and works with clients to help them overcome obstacles to emotional and sexual intimacy.

Brian is a teacher at heart and loves to incorporate his academic roots with somatic (body-based) practices as he helps people create fun, enriching sexual relationships. He has been an instructor in countless lectures and workshops in academic, professional, and recreational settings. Brian is a co- founder of the Surrogate Partner Collective and Chair of the American Association of Sex Educators,
Counselors, and Therapists special interest group for Somatic Sexuality Professionals.

Brian is excited to share his experiences, knowledge, and unabashedly dorky, sex-positive style with the Sex School Hub community


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